The Eastern Sky Singers were formed in September 2007 by Tom and Marilyn Burch who wanted to get together with other people who enjoyed singing 4-part harmonies. Initially the group included only 4 singers who also sang with the Lapeer County Concert Choir. In June, 2008 the group expanded to include four additional singers and all present members continue to sing with the Lapeer County Concert Choir. The eight Eastern Sky Singers have a total of over 90 years of experience singing with the L.C.C.C.


The Eastern Sky Singers meet every Wednesday from May through December and all members are Lapeer County residents living in Dryden, Lapeer and North Branch. Our group practices harmonies using a computer sequencer but all performances are done without accompaniment (a cappella). We most enjoy singing old and new church hymns and Southern Gospel music. Our library also contains patriotic, Christmas and traditional songs. We only perform 8 or 10 concerts a year to Nursing Homes, Senior Centers and Church groups. Our concerts contain about 15 songs and last about 40 minutes.