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Would you like the Eastern Sky Singers to do a concert for your group?



Who are we?


Our group was started in September 2007 by a number of singers who enjoy a-cappella harmonies. We presently have eight singers and perform a limited number of concerts each year between June and December.


What songs do we sing?


Our library of over 150 songs includes hymns, southern gospel, patriotic and holiday tunes. A complete listing of songs is on this website. Our concerts include about 15 songs and last for 40 minutes.


Where have you performed?


We have sung at a number of medical care/assisted living centers and for a number of church groups. A list of our concert locations can be found on the "Past Concerts" page.


What must we provide?


We need an area to place our music stands in a semi-circle in front of the audience (approximately 10’x10’). Holiday concerts generally include many “sing-along” pieces where we bring the words in a hand out.


What do you charge?


Our fee is $50. For non-profit groups and churches our fee is waived.


How do I get more information?




Telephone: Tom Burch (248) 760-5408.

Lapeer, MI